Fever Pitch - Nick Hornby I am not a football fan, and had to skip over many of Hornby's descriptions of so-and-so using this foot to score the second goal in that game which was part of that one season. But the fact that Hornby felt compelled to include these details, and that he had them stored away in his brain, is part of the story.

Fever Pitch does an excellent job of describing what it means for Hornby to be an obsessed fan. He does not take the long view, he is not detached, and his analysis comes in bits and chunks between descriptions of particular plays. He's a gifted writer, but he's also obsessed with football. Seriously. Obsessed.

So if we as readers can take the long view, and be detached, then we are able to piece together the story of Hornby's development from a 12-year old whose parents are divorcing to a thirty-something who would rather miss a friend's wedding than miss a home game. It's a fascinating story, but we have to be willing to enter the crazy with him a bit, and go along for the ride.

I didn't learn anything about football, but I learned a lot about fandom and obsession.