Medium Raw: A Bloody Valentine to the World of Food and the People Who Cook - Anthony Bourdain Unlike a large number of Americans, I've never read Kitchen Confidential, and have avoided watching Bourdain on TV. The glimpses I've had of him on commercials and so forth have made him seem rather mean and sarcastic, which does little to endear me to a person.

This collection of essays is interesting, if one doesn't mind a lot of name-dropping, or thinly veiled references to chefs one may have never heard of. It's a bit of a distraction, though the writing is generally good and the comments are often thought-provoking.

I realize I'm quite a prude, but references to blow jobs every 9 or 10 pages was a bit much. Same with the f-bombs. He's very much a "take me or leave me" kind of guy - no apologies for who he is. Those who enjoy him will like this book a lot.

As an aside, it was weird to read this book directly after Craig Ferguson's American on Purpose. They have similar stories (years of drug and alcohol abuse, followed by sobriety and making it big in their respective fields), but Ferguson is funny and Bourdain is a foodie.