The Broken Teaglass - Emily Arsenault I really enjoyed this.

It started off a bit slow (I was thinking, "Eh, first novel."). But I got quite absorbed in the mystery.

Some reviewers have mentioned that they didn't like the characterizations, but that was actually one of the things I really liked. A lot. I could totally believe in these characters. There might not have been a lot of interior motivation for the characters who aren't the narrator, but isn't that a bit like real life? We can only know a limited amount about other people.

And it's about words! And dictionaries! Love it! I was surprised, though, that the discussion about prescriptivist versus descriptivist didn't come earlier in the book. There were a couple of places where I thought it should have come up, but didn't.

Seems as though one either really likes this book, or doesn't at all. Count me among those who really like it.