We Learn Nothing: Essays and Cartoons - Tim Kreider Sister Nancy gave me a copy of Nancy Pearl's review along with this book for Christmas. The review sounded so good that although I was still mid-Plutocrats I thought I'd read one of these essays and then get back to my "real" reading.

I read it straight through.

The joy of this book is, in part, that the topics into which Kreider delves are largely mundane and easy to relate to. He takes events and experiences which are remarkable (like being stabbed in the neck, meeting his half-sisters when he was 40, and supporting a good friend through a sex-change operation) and uses them to muse about universal themes; the nature of family, happiness, friendship.

Although I couldn't really relate to most of his experiences or friends, he captured the 'big picture' themes in a way that completely drew me in and had me chuckling at finding myself, my thoughts, feelings, and foibles reflected in those themes.

His writing is at once both deeply personal and extremely welcoming. I highly recommend it.