Annabel: An Unconventional Life - Annabel Goldsmith They may have thought us terribly naughty, but we didn't mind.

It sort of sums up Lady Annabel. Bad behavior and serial adultery are the name of the game in this book. And believe me, it's the glossed-over version.

Lady Annabel is fascinating, in a train-wreck-I-can't-believe-I'm-staring kind of way. Almost unimaginably rich, pregnant by her lover while still married to her husband, very proud of her bosom and her tan; just an absolute hot mess. You will come away from this book somewhat stunned, but also not fully informed. She glosses over a lot, which is somewhat flabbergasting given how much she does cover. And she covers things that are pretty awful, yet described with a very devil-may-care attitude. Just simply awful behavior.

There are many sources of further (juicier) information about Lady Annabel. One way to start is to read the article below, and then google all the names you find in the article, and then in the wikipedia links you'll likely come across. It's a sordid rabbit hole to fall into, which could take weeks (and as Mark noted, almost requires a white board and a map).