Assassination Vacation - Sarah Vowell If you enjoy Sarah Vowell's stream-of-consciousness, phobic, obsessive voice, you'll love this book.

Vowell is wacky, and I say that in the nicest way. She writes very honestly and openly, which I enjoy because she is so wacky - absolutely obsessed with the assassinated presidents, which kind of freaks her friends out. I loved reading about their reactions, and her inability to curb her enthusiasm.

But her enthusiasm is not just a wacky quirk. She's very well-informed. And that makes this book not just a stream-of-consciousness memoir, but an interesting look at the history of the assassinations of Garfield, Lincoln, and McKinley. It makes me want to add a new shelf just for this book: humor/history. It's a great combination.

Her style of writing reminds me quite a bit of Jenny Lawson - The Bloggess.