The Center of Everything - Laura Moriarty I really enjoyed this. The first-person narration reflects the age of the narrator, Evelyn. At the beginning of the book she's 12, and 17 by the end. The sentences and thought patterns become longer and more nuanced as she grows older, reflecting Evelyn's growing maturity.

I thought Moriarty did a fine job of getting inside the head of someone at these various points along the way; struggling with beliefs and values and belonging (and longing). It rang true for me even though I didn't always share Evelyn's interpretations of or responses to the events of her life. Evelyn goes from being embarrassed by her mom to irritated with her to (somewhat) sympathetic - all sort of normal phases a girl might go through. Moriarty helps us experience Evelyn's growth in that regard, as well as in so many others.

There's a lot to chew on here. Moriarty gives us some universal themes to reflect on, without being preachy.