From the Neck Up: An Illustrated Guide to Hatmaking - Denise Dreher, Randall W. Scholes, Randall Scholes, Beth Sanders, Gerry Zeck What a great find! A very useful book.

If you've never followed a pattern or tried to figure one out using techniques not described in the Big 4 pattern instructions, you will find the book frustratingly vague. It does not walk one through a single project.

However, it has a plethora of information and useful tips that will be invaluable to the costumer or sewer who wants to improve her millinery skills.

There are a few basic patterns in the back for representative hats from various time periods (one each male and female for Ancient Egypt, Ancient Mesopotamian, Early Gothic, etc.), but if you're looking for something specific, you won't find it here.

I highly recommend this book.