Code Name Verity - Elizabeth Wein Like Lightreads, I'm having trouble reviewing this because my reaction to it so visceral that I almost can't talk about it. I keep looking at the book lying on my nightstand and want to pick it up again so that I can crawl back in and rewind it. I miss being part of the story. It hurts almost as much as reading it hurt.

In my opinion it's ultimately about friendship. It's also about bravery and resistance and WWII and strong women and lots of other things. It's achingly moving.

'Kay, done. Just read it. It's marketed as YA, but like much good YA, it's written so well that it's completely engaging and real and appealing (though that's not really the right word) to adults.

I moved it up in my to-read list because of Lightreads' review, but Nancy is the one who gave me the book. Thank you, Sister.